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Michael Schwarzmüller is glassblower by profession - rare indeed!

in his studio in Karlsruhe he manufactures drinking vessels, dishes and vases in limited editions. His customers include top chefs like,

 Juan Amador, Christian Bau, Benjamin PeiferDaniel Schimkowitsch, Carmelo Greco, Marc Rennhack, Sebastian Zier Moses CeylanMaria GrossFelix Schneider...

The industrial raw material he uses, borosilicate glass, coined his brand: BOROSI. As a designer, he cooperates closely with she renowned brand Zieher and he is a member of the Germans Craft Association 


„In my vessels I would like to highlight the special properties of the material glass. the game with the optics is the center point for me. the function of the objects is just as important to me as their aesthetics“ 


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each piece individual and exquisietely crafted / small affordable series of goblets , perfume bottles, vases, glassjewelry, Interior Design, contemporary collectable craft / represented in Frankfurt TENDENCE & AMBIENTE, EUNIQUE Karlsruhe


all objects are handmade, blown and designed by michael schwarzmueller ..... the uneven, organic contour turns every bowl into an unique piece of art.

The bowls – made of heat resistant borosilicate glass – are eminently suitable for hot and cold drinks, fingerfood, fancy desserts ..... and the dishwasher! Focusing the latest productline borosi, on preparing and serving exquisite meals

my preference for unusual food presentation made many customers like Michelin Star Chefs aware of borosi.....

education as glassblower for laboratory and science glass at university Karlsruhe 1973-1976 / in connection untill 1984 working in different workshops and institutes / since 1984 own atelier and development of own collection / member of Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk , Arts & Crafts assoc.Germany, since 2010 founder of the new label borosi
many Design Awards and for 2009 the 2.Hessian State Award for German Arts & Craft 

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Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk




ist eine geschützte Marke von Schwarzmüller Glas